Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cabin Video Diary

[This is a re-post of the video, now on Vimeo and in higher resolution]

This started as a 5x?? video, one of those 5 second clip things.  But there was so much to put in that didn't fit exactly 5 seconds!  I trimmed it a lot though.  I believe less is more.  But the 5 seconds became more of a guideline than a rule.

I'm disappointed that I whipped out my camera mostly when Zaley was being cute.  I wish had caught more scenic panoramas.  Oh well.  It gives a good picture of what the trip was like.  Watch for the bat!

Video Diary of our Bear Lake Cabin Getaway from Rachel Mason on Vimeo.

Friday, September 25, 2009

So much for having a smooth Friday

Wow, today was a pretty bad day.  I was supposed to be a 10a-10p shift.  They called at 7 to say that a tech was sick and could I come in sooner and still work late?  I got there at 8:30 and expected a long day.  Although we didn't have a third shift, so I got to leave at 7:30p, our patients were a wreck.  Seriously, what is this?  Acute care or something?
 I had written/published this long thing about all our patients, but decided I didn't want a big rant about the day out there in that much detail.  Clotted systems, severe hypotension and hypoglycemia, barfing, and mucho mucho alarms.  Enough said.
I'm still decompressing before going to bed.  I have the weekend off.  Amanda and I hope to see a corny teenager performing arts movie (FAME! I'm gonna live forever . . .)  I need to update my blog on Emma's Baubles.  She was only in two scenes this week so it should be a quickie.  Boy, and someday I might put together that vacation video I promised you.

Happy Weekend, everyone!

PS: My car is super awesome and driving it is the best part of my day.  Rock.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mystery in need of an answer!

Who can tell me what that animal skin is hanging above the arm chair in the living room?  I've always wondered.  We couldn't come up with a good guess.  Badger? ManBearPig?

movie fail, textual details

I spent the last hour editing down all the footage I took with out flip camera.  Then the program failed and I realized that I hadn't saved it since I started trimming clips down to 5 seconds each.  And I was almost half done.  Grrr.  So in the words of Miranda, iMovie is going to go sit in the corner and think about what it has done for the rest of the night. 

Amanda wants details and I'm not sure what to say.  We did pretty much exactly what I wanted to do on this trip.  Bullets commence bulleting! (bulletting?)
  • The cabin is still deliciously seventies in design.  Brown and yellow shag carpet with matching harvest curtains and harvest fireplace.
  • I made Nate and Ben walk up the drive way first before attempting to mount it.  They poo-poohed my warnings about the steep angles, but later agreed that it was deceptively difficult to maneuver.  
  • Fry sauce is awesome, equally delicious on french fries and tator tots. 
  • We all memorized Zaley's signing video.  "It's signing time with Alex and Leah..."  will that ever get out of my head?  
  • There is nothing wrong with having a LaBeau's milkshake every day.
  • The autumn colors were beautiful.  We have a lot of pretty aspens in Colorado, but we miss out on the oaks.  
  • I thought this might be my first trip to Bear Lake without a sunburn, but somehow it fried my nose!
  • The water at the lake was amazingly clear, like a swimming pool.
  • We are all majorly nerdy bloggers.  This trip will be documented with photos and videos TO THE LIMIT!
  • In all our smart meal planning and grocery shopping, we forgot to take into account the attractive small town eateries that stole our appetites. 
  • Disney's Robin Hood is really really good.  
  • Jem is depressed that we hadn't moved into the cabin permanently.  Talk about dog heaven.  She started every morning bouncing bed to bed, doing consecutive laps up and down the stairs. 
  • The weather was perfect - cool and sunny with scattered clouds.  This morning, before we left, there was a terrific thunderstorm.  I woke at 5 am to close the windows and watch the lightening beams shoot into the lake.  The rain cleared by the time we were packing up.
  • I found some joyous remnants of my youth, such as fancy Kermit and Miss Piggy sheets that Amanda and I used to fight over, and our old Rainbow Brite "Rainbow Inside of Your Heart" cassette. 
I'll work on the video another night.  I planned to do another 5x5, but it will be more like 5x40.  Molly is happy we are home.  The couch is coated in cat hair.  Miraculously my beta fish is still swimming.  He has to be 304 years old in beta fish years.  I have one more load of laundry to do before climbing into my glorious bed.   Tomorrow is a short day of work, just some computer training.  Later Ben and I will catch up on Glee.  Look for more updates to Emma's Baubles this week!

Back home with cabin memories

Enjoy some of my favorite photos from our getaway.  Many many more are on my flickr site, and we'll be forming a group with more cabin pictures than you can shake a stick at.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Retreat at Bear Lake

Last night after work I left for our family cabin at Bear Lake, with
five adults, two dogs, and a toddler in tow. The plan is to sleep,
relax, hike, walk the beach, drink milkshakes and ironports, play
games, watch movies, read books, and knit. Three blissful days away
from work and responsibilities.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Long day

Whew, 13.25 hours today.  Seeing the sunrise and the sunset out of your work window is weird.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

New blog, please join

Announcing the beginning of a new blog:  Emma Pillsbury's Box of Baubles

This is a new blog I have started, devoted to the jewelry worn by a character on Glee.  It was too fabulous not to start a blog.  Please read, share, enjoy. 

If you're not watching Glee yet, why not?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Seriously? Already?

This afternoon I was killing time between picking up my car (now with a working AC) and my staff meeting in Aurora.  I went to Anthropologie, a lovely place that is quickly becoming a usual pay-day jaunt.  While trying on a darling dress (not on sale yet) I caught site of my pale gams.

AAAAACK!  Look at those huge leg veins.  I cannot believe how quickly those suckers popped up.  I've only been nursing 10 weeks.
The camera phone photo only hints at how big they are in person.  At this rate I'll have giant blue ropes by the end of the year.  I wear podiatry-approved shoes and compression socks every day.  What more can I do?  I'm at gravity's mercy.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Monday, September 07, 2009


Oh, hi Blog readers. Sooo, long time no posting, right? Been busy.  Done with orientation. Oh, and I bought a new car today.
[hands flapping with excitement]  Been saving up my pennies since getting a new job and found some great deals for Labor Day weekend.  I wasn't expecting to get one so soon, but the price was right and the color was right (hey, it matters!) so there I go.  I earned my good price with hard haggling.  That guy was a total jerk, I almost left the table.  It actually kind of soured the purchase for me.  But I came out victorious in the end and my new car is PERFECT.  I really love it.  Ben's going to help me get a hot stereo, just to make it a little more special.  And I'm going to get some Sticars to personalize the outside.  Probably more pictures to come.  It's getting dark and I'm tired from a busy busy day. 

PS It's a 2009 Nissan Versa 1.8 S hatchback in Arctic Blue. 

Thursday, September 03, 2009


Oh yeah, we totally had giant pieces of DD PDUC for dinner.  That's double-decker pineapple upsidedown cake, don't you know.  I had chips for an appetizer and Ben is having popcorn as a second course.  Working has definitely taken a toll on my nutritious cooking.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Already a gleek?

Dudes, I am so stoked for Glee to start.
Hulu has run dry, making room for the fall season episodes of all my favorite shows.  I'm stuck watching Arrested Development for the 5th time while I knit.  It's still funny, btw.