Thursday, February 09, 2012


This is not a low grade version of what Jack had.  This is sick.  Very sick.  Sick, as in I have been out of bed for only 3 hours since 6pm Wednesday night.  Fevers, chest-rattling coughs, congestion, diarrhea, various migraines, and a touch of vomiting sick.  And it doesn't help that I fell in the parking lot at work on Tuesday, so my left hip is super sore and stiff. 

I'm trying to eat a banana now while Ben puts Jack to bed. I'm trying to mentally separate day from night so I'm not in a total mess when I have to return to work (Saturday).  I'm so sick, I haven't even wanted to watch Downton Abby yet.   I REALLY hope we don't pass this around the house too.

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