Saturday, April 18, 2015

Changing appearances

The boys looked extra shaggy so I took them out for haircuts on a snowy spring day.  This was Sam's first time in a salon, so I sprung for the good stuff at a special kids place.



No tears in sight!

Not pictured is a visit to the dentist the day before.  Sam did not love it, I'll say that.  But the doc got a good look at his teeth and said it looks fine.  He chipped his front tooth at some point, apparently.  Also, he has a siamese twin tooth.  It's where two conjoined teeth erupted in a single tooth's spot.  There's a definitely ridge, and I always thought it was two teeth very close together.  But he said it would be impossible to floss between them and they are actually a single tooth.  I'd share a picture but he's impossible to photograph that way.  Maybe when he's older. 

Jack on the other hand, had bad news.  That front tooth he chipped at 18 months is abscessing and scheduled to be extracted on Wednesday.  Poor dude doesn't know what's coming.  I've been honest but vague on the procedure and put heavy emphasis on the tooth fairy.  Post-procedure pictures coming later this week I'm sure. 

Recent Projects

While the boys were convalescing lumps watching TV, I was able to get a lot of spring cleaning done.  That meant that when I put them in their rooms for proper naps I had time to work on craft projects.  I want to share some of the stuff I made then, and a few older projects.  First the knitting.

I can't remember if I shared this one, it's sort of old.  It's a pattern I've done three times now, using Anzula with little sparkles in it. 

This entrelac cowl is a made-up pattern using yarn that I spun myself.  The color changes are all continuous on the yarn and it worked up really neat in this patchwork pattern. 
A light sweater in a cotton-alpaca blend I got in Ogden last summer.  I heavily modified the pattern to make it work for me.  I really like the look of it, but it's a little itchy to wear :-(  

This cowl turned out lovely!  Jenn gave me this yarn for Christmas and I got two pieces out of it (previously I made a hat).  The cables really pop with this yarn. 

A surprise success!  This sweater is made with cheap acrylic yarn, making it easy to wear and wash.  The rich brown is flattering (though less red-toned in person) and I LOVE the pattern.  I changed it to work for worsted weight (from fingering).  Very wearable. 

 Many more details on my knitting projects are found on my ravelry page (membership required).

It's a bit warm for knitwear now, so I turned my eye to sewing.  I have very basic sewing skills and haven't used my machine for anything but simple tailoring in the last few years.  To start, I got the "Sailor Top" pattern from Fancy Tiger and made two versions. 

Cute, modest, and easy!  I want to make more, but need to stop for a while.  Besides, my reward for sticking with sewing was to make this skirt:

Long and luscious, with a hip hugging yoke, I love how it turned out!  This fabric was a mild splurge, but a good use of birthday money.  Too bad I don't have any cash leftover to keep these shoes from Zappos.  Sigh.  I don't think I can justify $95 seafoam green sandals. 

My only current project is a shawl to use up some stash yarn.  I have three more queued in my mind though. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

All better

Everyone is well for two days in a row now!  We got zofran from the pediatrician and that allowed Jack to keep water down.  The next day was BRAT diet, and by Sunday he was normal (minus 14% body weight).  Sam spent Sunday with a horrible cough and sneezy nose.  Ben spent Sunday night in a bad fever but woke healthy on Monday.  

It's so good to have everyone healthy.

Friday, April 10, 2015


I had to get a cavity filling today.  My first in many years, and in my defense, they said it was inevitable as a result of my tooth anatomy - nothing in my dental care could of prevented it.  That matters because you may not know it, but I have impeccable dental care.  I floss daily, brush well with an electric brush, and at every cleaning the hygienist remarks on how little she has to work on me. 

I hate dental work.  You'd think after the years of orthodontics (3rd-9th grade) I'd be over it.  Nope.  I hate people in my mouth.  It's extra small and hard to work in too, so it usually takes longer than usual to work in the back.

It went ok.  They numbed me up and it spread all over my face, yet the drilling still had some sharp pain and they had to abandon that tool and do it another way (thankfully, dentists are vague about what they are doing in your mouth, so I don't know what that means.)  Also they couldn't tell how to get it perfectly smooth.  The bite paper wasn't showing any problems, but the filling still feels off.  She said to come back if it still doesn't feel right in a couple days.  After the numbing wears off.  Did I mention I got really numb?


Yeah.  That's a symmetrical smile attempt.  I turned into a Disney princess.

I'd have preferred the shiny, bouncy hair. 

Also I can't blow my nose.  The air trumpets out my cheek, flapping like a fart. 

PS: Took Jack to the pediatrician today.  Got a prescription for Zofran and he's doing better with that.  Keeping water and diluted Gatorade down - less than 1/4 cup total since this morning, but that's an improvement.  Sam was groggy and weak this morning but got an appetite after AM nap.  Lots of toast and crackers stayed in and he started playing a little. 

The days are blurring

No improvement. Yesterday they were worst. Today just started, but it doesn't look good.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Status report

Still coming out at both ends for both of them. No fevers, unless you count my cabin fever.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Sick sick everywhere

These germs are cramping my springtime fun.   Let's reflect back on the last few weeks.

Mon to Tue March 23-24 = I'm sick with GI stuff and general malaise
Sun to Tue 29-31  = Sam is sick with fever and constipation
Wed to Thurs April 1-2 = Jack sick with fever and diarrhea
Sun to Mon 5-6 = Sam sick with fever and vomiting
Tue today = Sam sick with diarrhea, Jack sick with vomiting

Note that these two are exhibiting different symptoms this week, probably gonna trade again, and Ben and I haven't succumbed.  Yet.

Monday, April 06, 2015

Easter Sunday

The bunny came to our house.  I let the kids eat their fill without intervening for the first time.  They were pretty happy. 

Easter 2015

Easter 2015

Easter 2015

Easter 2015

Easter 2015

Easter 2015

Easter 2015

Easter 2015

Easter 2015

Easter 2015

Our bunny brought Kinder Eggs from Germany (it helps to have a pen pal there still).  Jack is obsessed with them.  We had to cut him off after four. 
Easter 2015

I took Sam for a neighborhood walk.  Lots of pretty flowers and bunnies.  Can you spot it?  He hopped away before I got a good picture.
Easter 2015

Easter 2015

These are my bulbs.  I hoped they would bloom by Easter but only a few decided they were ready.
Easter 2015Easter 2015

Later I made traditional Easter dinner with ham and deviled eggs.  Brian joined us (bringing superhero candy eggs for the boys!) and we enjoyed angel food cake with strawberries and cream on the patio. 
Easter 2015

What a strange holiday :-)

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Vacation at home

This week Ben took a couple days off so we could relax and spend more time together.  We decided to pretend we were visiting Denver, so we would do things we normally ignore.

Thursday Amanda came to stay with the boys so we could have 24 hours to ourselves.  We shopped Cherry Creek, went to the Mark Mothersbaugh art exhibit, had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, strolled 16th Street Mall, then went to our hotel for a long night's sleep.  The next morning we had breakfast at DJ Berkley's cafe in the Highlands. 

Sam missed us, but Jack bemoaned our return, a testament to Amanda's tremendous babysitting skills.  All day I heard "too bad Amanda had to go home [pout pout]."

We cheered them up with a visit to the gym.  Yes, we go there four or five times a week already, but this time we went swimming!  The indoor pool there is really great, with slides and whirlpools and jungle gyms.  Jack went completely bonkers loving it.  Sam was not so keen, but eventually sat in the kid area and splashed a little.  Friday night was regular dinner for the boys, take-out Indian food for us, and a movie in the basement theater after bedtimes.

Saturday we took the family to the Denver Aquarium.  It's one of those places we never bothered to visit even though it's right there downtown.  It was nice.  A bit overpriced, a bit schlocky over science (you can tell it's owned by a restaurant corporation now rather education based).  But we saw a lot of fish, some fiesty otters, a regal tiger, and a mermaid performance I'm embarrassed to admit that I loved.  We didn't spend more than an hour there before we felt done.  Just as well since Sam was feeling the effects of a skipped nap.







Lunch at McDonalds, because why not, if we are on vacation?  The boys took long naps while I finished sewing a shirt.


Later we had another babysitter come so we could enjoy one last dinner out together.  We planned to stay local, but then I found a place in Boulder that looked good.  We visit so infrequently now, I'm always astonished at how much has changed and how much has stayed the same over all this time.  We briefly browsed Pearl Street, only to find the restaurant, Centro, had a 40 minute wait.  Yeesh.  By stroke of luck we found another place a few doors down that could seat us right away and had a similar menu.  The tacos really hit the spot for me, exactly what I was looking for (I blame Jason's Mexico vacation).


(snuggled watching TV together, waiting for the sitter)

So that's it, our little "stay-cation" at the media types like to call it.  Fun to try new things while spending time together.