Wednesday, August 20, 2014


He stopped having a fever last night.  Now he has tiny red bumps on him.  It doesn't look like the classic rash, but I think it might be roseola.  
That's good news if it's true, it means the illness is over.

Second day of school

Too fast for pictures

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First Day of Preschool

This pretty much sums it up.


Yes, today was the first day of preschool.  It was great to have a couple hours to myself.  I look forward to having this most days of the week.

Jack protested all morning about going to school.  Then he slipped wordlessly into the class, lured by a sticker.  I could hardly coax him back for a hug.  He was said he had a good time when I picked him up.  He said he is excited to go back.

But he also complained of hunger, complained and threw his biggest public tantrum ever at Jimmy Johns.  Because I bought him a cookie for his first day and as thanks for running errands on the way home.  So of course you scream and retch and pound your feet on the ground, right?  Because you picked the wrong flavor, or you didn't want a piece, or you wanted to eat it at the table but spent the whole time crying.  All perfectly legitimate reasons for freaking out at high decibels.

Meanwhile, Sam is still sick.  I've called the doctor a few times and we agree he can wait longer (sick visits cost me about $120 out of pocket with my insurance).

Every little scrape for the rest of the day unleashed Jack's full fury and outrage with tears, and it always caused Sam to break down too. There's been a lot of tears in the house today, and not enough laughs.  But I think that will change eventually.


(There are a few more staged first day of preschool photos on my flickr that you are welcome to enjoy.)


Uh oh, there's a simple GIF maker out there.  I already make one.

Now I just need to figure out if I can embed them.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Jack the public speaker

Last week they asked Jack to give a talk in Primary today.  We wrote it together and put it into book form.  We read it together every nap and nightly story time so he could give the talk himself. 

See, traditionally a parent goes up and feeds the kid their lines one by one.  But I knew Jack was up for the challenge of speaking on his own.  He loves to be picked to do things in Primary, so that was a big motivator (the fact that he was "chosen" to give a talk and got to stand on the step stool and talk into the microphone when no one else gets a turn).

I took little sick Sam in just to watch and film.  I couldn't resist!  The teachers were all gushing too and asked if he would repeat it for the Primary Program later this year in front of the whole congregation.  I'll bet he will!

Update: I posted this quickly, then watched the video.  Thought I would add a couple things
--Sorry for the swaying.  I was holding Sam too.
--He messed up a line on the hard page.  We practiced it a lot the last couple days.  He repeats a line instead, stops, shrugs, then says the correct line perfectly.  I was so proud!
--I can understand him well since I know the talk, but I realized if might be helpful to print it here.

Heavenly Father gave us a family.
My family has Dad, Mom, Jack, and Sam.
Heavenly Father and Jesus want us to show our family love by doing things together.
With Dad I like to play legos.
With Mom I like to bake desserts.
With Sam I like to wrestle and play.
All of us like to go on family walks.
I love my family.

Saturday, August 16, 2014


Can I brag about Jack a little?  He's totally teaching himself math.  While we were driving one day:

Mom!  Two twos make four!

That's right dude!

And three threes make six.

Well, no.  Let's count them out.  (We do so, he agrees that two threes make six).  So what do three threes make? (We start to count them out.  Before I can finish)

Nine!  Three threes are nine!  

Then on another day we passed a family walking by.  Jack said:

There are two girls and one boy . . .  two and one make three!  

That's advanced, right?  I'm pretty sure pre-preschoolers aren't doing math yet.  But then, I'm biased :-)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Week in review

Let's see.  This week my oven broke when I was supposed to feed the missionaries dinner.  I was able to make a stove top meal instead.  Remember it broke last year?  Then magically fixed itself?  I went ahead and ordered a replacement circuit.  Today the part arrived and it's working perfectly again now.  Maybe better.  The old electric panel was always wacky (clock ran fast, button menu skipped steps). 

I've been enjoying going to the gym.  I go 4-5 times a week, doing either Zumba or elliptical+stretching+calisthenics.  I really want to start lifting barbells.  I looked into the Lift Strong 5x5 program, then started reading Starting Strength.  Unfortunately my back pain has returned lately.  I went to the chiropractor Monday and today.  I'm hesitant to start lifting until the pain is gone.  On the other hand, getting stronger will make my core stronger and prevent it returning.  Grrr. 

We tried to go to the gym tonight, but Sam had an amazing blowout in the car ride there.  Down the pants, all over the car seat, and soiling Ben when he took him out of the car.  Of course I didn't have any diapers or wipes or spare outfits with me, so we turned around and went home.  Just as well.  After a bath and laundry, we had family movie night in the basement with popcorn and the projector.  Sam was extra fussy.  I put him to bed at 7 despite him napping late this afternoon.  The poor guy was 99.6F.  A little while ago he woke up cry at 103.6!  The little dude has had so many fevers his first year!  It breaks my heart.  I hope he feels better in the morning. 

That reminds me - Jack has been having weird urinary symptoms.  He's at the age where I probably shouldn't detail his bathroom habits on a public forum, so I'll just say that he's doing better now.  But if anyone else has experience with bladder spasms in little boys I'd like to discuss him with you.  Preschool starts Tuesday.  Fingers crossed that things continue to improve so he's back to normal by then. 

Oh, we went to Lakeside last weekend.  Dang, I haven't put those photos up yet.  I hope I remember to do it later.  It's getting a bit late to edit and upload now.

Amanda and I are planning to take tap classes!  We looked at different offerings across the western suburbs and metro area and found a couple to try that will fit our schedules.  I ordered some shoes but they don't fit great.  I might have to take a trip down to Penny-Robin to try more shoes on and get them before class next week. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sam is 11 months old

Look at my little Samwise sprout!

Sam is 11 months old

He's turned into a wild bean.  Always on the move, always ecstatic or tearful, curious, jealous, enthusiastic, rambunctious, and every changing.

Sam is 11 months old

Cruising is a breeze.  He's working on standing balances.  He's better at being hand-walked.  I can't wait for the day I don't have to carry him everywhere!

More teeth are in.  Four on top, four on bottom, and I saw both lower incisors creeping up this morning.

Sam is 11 months old

Sam is 11 months old

Sam is 11 months old

Toys and objects of every kind.  I have to keep a constant rotation of toys around the house to keep him interested.  He's really good at finding Jack's too small toys and trying to eat them.

Sam is 11 months old

Sam is 11 months old

His appetite is still strong, although he's starting to show preferences.  Vegetables are already getting the boot.  Sweets and salty things are his favorite, like all of us.  He also likes cheese, fruits of all kinds, yogurt, and goldfish.


Sam is 11 months old

Where's Sam?

Sam is 11 months old

AAAH! Peekaboo!

Sam is 11 months old

Almost one year, baby.

Sam is 11 months old

Gotta go-- off to explore more corners unknown.

Sam is 11 months old

Friday, August 08, 2014

I caught him!

After he did four squat to stands, I finally got my camera out without him noticing.  Sorry for the portrait framing.  Best I could do in a hurry.