Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Fine Day

Today was a total success!  Jack took 6 naps today, one mini nap during each section of driving plus one at home in the afternoon.  We found the coolest playground in Georgetown.  I took a lot of photos, they are all on my flickr page.  We ate lunch at Smokin' Yards BBQ in Idaho Springs. 

At home I took a nap in the basement and Ben got a little homework done.  I made chicken and zucchini pasta with pesto and green beans.  Jack ate really well today!  He's not very voracious for us and gets fussy about whether he will feed himself or let us feed him.  So it's a good day when he puts down a good amount - even greens! 

We took a stroll around Target to get autumnal-themed candies for work tomorrow and a frozen pizza for Friday's dinner (yes, we are living large!).  After Jack had his milk, Good Night Moon, and his teeth "brushed" Ben and I watched Community, Parks and Rec, and Big Bang Theory.  Dishes, blogging, pack a lunch, and I'm off to bed!

Monsters in the grove

A little late

Some of the trees have shed leaves already. It's hard to time it. But it's pretty enough!

We found it!

Mountain Roadtrip!

It's a chilly fall day. We have our cardigans, string cheese, and zippy cup. We're off to the mountains in search of fall foliage!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Prevent obesity!

Have a bowl of Boston Bibb for lunch!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Guess where we are

It's the swank new McDonalds near us. No wonder the parking lot is always full!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

That took longer than I expected

More days off

Shouldn't there be more days off? That's what I wonder when I'm at work and Ben texts me adorable photos like this one:
So here are some others things we've been doing when we're home together (and when I'm not sneaking in episodes of Downton Abbey.  Fully addicted here.)

Ben helped with a shoot in the park.  Jack was more interested in the softball game.

We stuffed our faces with garlic knots from Virgilio's.  I'm still mourning the closing of their Lakewood restaurant.

Parks are awesome!

Today we went to the zoo!  Not pictured, the cupcakes we ate afterwards from Lovely Confections.  Here Jack and Wolfie take turns pointing at the elephant.  Wolfie is his play buddy that we know from our doggy daycare owners.

We finally got a good view of the orangutan family, including Hesty who was born just one month after Jack.

The Lorakeet exhibit was so cool!  There were about 50 birds living in there so you saw them everywhere you turned.  You could buy little cups of nectar to feed them.  They hopped right on your your hand!

These were frisky lemurs.
By the end Jack was like "whatev's" to these enormous gorillas right in front of us.  Time to go (get cupcakes!).

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Better day

(Static hair at the playground.)

Wow, yesterday was a bad day at work. Over 15 hours long, had to start the day alone, complicated patients, and a code blue. I thought about blogging more about the day, but frankly I want to forget it.

Today we signed a new mortgage that will save us oodles of money, had lunch at wich which, and now we're playing in the cool fall breezes at a playground. Three cheers for days off!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Billy and Benno

Ikea-ed! We tripled our media storage in the basement. Also important, these are bracketed to the wall. Our old, tall bookcase wasn't and I've caught jack pulling on it a couple of times.

Organizing one part of the house inspires me to do others. After I sort the books scattered about, my craft area needs an overhaul. Then our basement storage room. It's taken a beating with baby and maternity storage.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Welcome back, Fall!

I missed you terribly.

You, with your long sleeved pjs (with a pacifier for each hand!!)

Your adorable hats and jackets

And the irrepressible urge to make thousands of loops of soft yarn in warm colors while watching television pilots
(New Girl - not as bad as I expected. Up All Night - Arnett in a better role than his last show, some kinks but funny)
(The tube top is to check the length on his sweater so far)

Get your hoodies up- I'm making a pot roast tomorrow!

Friday, September 02, 2011

Do you hear the people sing?

Amanda got us discount tickets to Les Miserables, the 25th anniversary tour using her magic drama teacher beams.

I missed the turntable, especially in One Day More. But aside from that it was a fantastic performance. Really incredible singing, and the trimmed down version clipped along at a nice pace (one verse of Castle on a Cloud is plenty, thank you very much).

I rooted through my ticket collection this morning and found my old stub. (Ben laughs at my ticket collection. Calls it my secret hoard. But when you've done it for over 20 years it's hard to stop.)