Friday, April 29, 2016

Singin in the snow

April showers look awfully fluffy and white in Colorado.

Friday, April 22, 2016

School Pictures II: Revenge of the Kindergarten - UPDATED

So there was a notice about spring school pictures. "Since when do they do pictures more than once?" I asked Ben.  "Since whenever they figured they could make more money" he wisely replied. "Well, not from me" I declared, and resolved not to give them money and threw the flyer away.

Then I felt all sad and nostalgic and my babies are growing so fast and I tried to log on to order them later.  But alas, I didn't have the code and their website sucks, so I gave up.

Then Jack gave himself a haircut that week.  Then Jack had his other front tooth pulled that week.  Then Jack tripped and smacked his head the day before.

Alright, totally not buying pictures.  But I kinda wish I could see them.  I dutifully dressed him and combed him in case there was a class portrait too, so he would look nice for others.

Fast forward a month and Jack brings this home:


You guys.  Wat.  Seriously? Have you ever seen such doofy crazy eyes?  I'll zoom in for you.


Seriously? So fabulous.

I swear I didn't order these.  I have no idea why we got them.  And it's not just a couple prints.  They sent me a deluxe set.


So please, email me that you want 5x7's, 4x6's, wallets, and keychains of this amazing Ode to the Kindergarten Trifecta of Accidents. We'll keep the puzzle portrait for ourselves.

UPDATE - I logged into LifeTouch and it prompted me to "Order more portraits or pay for portraits I already received."  Looking at the fine print, it appears this is a marketing ploy.  I'm supposed to return any unwanted prints to them via the school.  I think we will keep the "fun pack" with the puzzle, but return the rest unless someone wants to pay for it themselves.