Tuesday, January 22, 2013

breaking bounds

Jack tried to climb into his crib tonight, but it's just too tall.  On a whim Ben unleashed his allen wrench and took off the side (as is intended-it's a convertible crib).  Jack bounded inside like a playful fox to his den and burrowed under his quilt.  No fanfare or preparation about graduating to a "Big Boy Bed." 

Tonight will prove whether he gets out of bed to play when he should be sleeping.  Or maybe he will roll off.  He often sleeps pressed up against that side.  I better put down extra pillows after he falls asleep.  We shall see.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Health, Home, Work, Sleep

Wednesday I had the pleasure of a sick day where neither I nor Jack was sick.  It was strange.  Our nanny called in sick and we have no back-up.  Since Ben missed work last time, I called my boss to say I would not be at work the next day.  We had so much fun!  It was a bright and sunny day, so we took a long walk.  Jack held the leash for most of it and does a good job of telling Jem where to go.
Walking Jem
We also took his camera.  I haven't uploaded the photos from that day yet, but I'm looking forward to them.  He made some interesting choices, like this:
Walking Jem

The next two days of work were surprisingly hard.  I had two really difficult patients Thursday morning all to myself.  Almost every complication (except the biggies: cardiac/respiratory arrest) happened.  Vomiting, panic attack, catheter clogged, clotted systems, hypotension not responding to albumin, antibiotics to hang, alarms on machines I haven't been trained on, and cranky nurses to deal with.  I was so happy when a helper arrived mid day and I could get out of the room for a few minutes.  The afternoon was a bit better and I would have been able to go home early except we had a staff meeting at that hospital at 6 pm.  So I video chatted with Ben and Jack for a little bit before the meeting.  I didn't get home until 8:30.  What a long day.

Friday I had an ICU patient with dementia.  He kept calling out "help me help me!" Then when I asked him what he wanted, he either said "I don't know" half the time, or the other half it was a small thing that didn't satisfy him ("cover my legs," "give me water") or something I refused to do ("get me out of here," "my butt is itchy").  He was also positive for flu, so I had to wear an itchy mask the whole treatment (5+ hours).  But he at least tolerated treatment kind of ok, so it wasn't too hard.  Plus he left his TV on the history channel.  When you spend a lot of time in ICUs, you appreciate it when they don't watch Spanish language talk shows, faux courtroom shows, trashy paternal testing talk shows, or horror movies.

The afternoon patient was cancelled so I just helped out in the big room upstairs before going home in the late afternoon.  Good thing too, because I was on call.  I had been on apheresis call the previous two nights already, but we rarely get called out for that.  Friday I was dialysis call, first up.  1 1/2 hours after I fell asleep the pager went off.  I was at the hospital from midnight to 4 am, setting up two different treatments that would run through the night.  As soon as I put my head to pillow at 4:30 the pager went off again.  My call partner got it, but that meant I was up for the next one if it came.  Thank goodness it did not.

Ben let me sleep in until almost 11.  We had a nice lunch at Panera Bread (Yay for new restaurants at the Mills!).  Then he went to Lyons with the menfolk for pinball while I went to a baby shower in Aurora.  Novline and Neil are looking forward to their first baby on Valentine's day.  It was fun driving through my old neighborhood to find the party that Neil's mom and aunts hosted.  It was a sweet party too.  All the usual games (I won gift bingo- suckers don't know how to set up a board) and delicious quiches and chocolate dipped fruits.  I made sure to try the "Many Layers Cake" that Novline made.  She said it's an Indonesian dessert made with rice flour and coconut milk and then steamed.  She got plenty of things for the new baby girl.  I cooed like a dove over all the socks and booties.  So tiny! 
Baby showerBaby shower

I slept 11 hours last night, still making up for the call-out.  Jack was developing a cold Saturday night, so Ben brought him into our bed when he woke too early from coughing.  When I got out of the shower I found Ben cleaning up throw-up. 

And that brings me to my quiet Sunday at home.  Jack had a fever (101.8) and terrible cough.  We stayed in pajamas all day and didn't leave the house.  We watched Finding Nemo and Kipper.  We both took long naps.  I read Lord of the Rings while Jack read Bizzy Bear.  He ate a little at lunch but refused dinner.  Even another popsicle.  When we were reading a Richard Scarry book at 7 pm and I took this picture:
Sick boy
I noticed his eyes rolling back; he could barely stay awake.  I declared it bed time.  I hope he feels better tomorrow!  I have another day off.  Whether we will spend it doing our normal Monday errands or watching Pixar's Cars under a quilt remains to be seen. Either way, I'm looking forward to three shifts this week with NO scheduled call.  Hallelujah.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

January doldrums

Isn't January the worst?

I worked three back to back shifts this week.  Plus call since Thursday night until this Monday morning.  There hasn't been much yet, I hope it stays quiet.

We had a fun little outing with Jack to the Cherry Creek playplace and Cafe Rio today.  I can't wait for the Cafe Rio to open up in our neighborhood.  I'm going to get faaaaaaat.

With the holidays over you would think my knitting would slow down.  But I have so many projects I want to work on!  I'm doing a Downton Abby KAL (Knit ALong) and my yarn finally arrived!  I know what I'm doing after bedtime tonight.

Here are a couple pictures from Jack's camera.  The latest batch was added to the ongoing collection on flickr. There are some choice photos there.  Including one of my butt.

Jack's photos

Jack's photos

Jack's photos

Jack's photos

Jack's photos

(Is this the laziest blogging ever?  Not only do I rarely post, but I don't even take my own pictures anymore :-P )

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Bowmp mitzvah

Ben emailed a youtube link to me while at work.  I forgot about it until this morning, and it turned out to be a video of Jack.

My husband is weird :-)

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Christmas Part II and Birthday

We are back in Lakewood and Betty and Richard have joined us for more celebrations.  Yesterday I worked a long day at the hospital, but the boys and grands had fun opening presents and playing at the mall.

Today is Ben's birthday!  He let me open my Christmas presents first, then we did his.  I made him eggs and bacon for breakfast too.  Oven bacon rocks.

We are going out to lunch and then seeing the Hobbit 2D with Richard.  I read the book since seeing it the first time, so I'm actually excited for a second viewing.

Here are some of my latest favorites from Jack's camera.  If you care to see them all, I'm continually updating his collection

Jack's photos 

Jack's photos

Jack's photos

Jack photos

Jack photos

Jack's photos 

Jack's photos

Jack's photos