Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jack addendum

RecipesThe internet just reminded me it's pie day!  And I have no pie!  I asked Jack if we should go to the Humble Pie Shop to buy a pie, or if we should make a pie together.  I'm sure you can guess his answer.  Actually, no.  Usually his answer is "Both!" So keep in mind how much my kid loves to bake.

I told him we have to decide what kind of pie to make.  He ran to his book basket "Find recipe!  I look Clifford book for recipe! Hmmm, need flour."   Then he started to pull his chair up to the counter.  I had to explain that not only do I need to find a recipe too, but we will need to buy ingredients. 

He was a little disappointed, but then he turned Caillou back on his tablet and now is making engine noises while he flies his toy plane.

Yeah, he gets spoiled the day after I'm on call.  I only slept a few hours due to phones calls for a CRRT all night and a cat begging for extra meals. 

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