Friday, January 16, 2015

Feeling Good

I was washing up in the kitchen, dancing to some tunes, and it dawned on me that I was happy.  Perfectly happy and content.  Whilst shaking my booty and scrubbing a pot I thought about why that is.
  • My family is loving and adorable and fun
  • My home is safe and big and clean and pretty
  • I get to stay home with my kids AND keep working
  • I get to teach fun high schoolers to dance
  • Naps and bedtimes are mostly reliable
  • Exercise and diet are back on after a holiday break; my body is thanking me for it
  • I'm playing with clothes and hair and make-up more than I used to and it makes me smile when I look in the mirror
  • Ben and I are going out on dates regularly
  • Ben and I get alone time together every night
  • We are going on a getaway trip to NYC; the planning is exciting
 And lots of other small things that add up to little smiles: fresh flowers in the home, Friday Jimmy John lunches, new furniture in the living room, a new phone on the way, comfy slippers and robe, playing with FitBit, I'm reading a good fantasy book (Mistborn), and on and on and on.

Sometimes I only write when things are wrong or crazy.  This is just to say that things are really really right. 




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