Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Mountain Retreat

Auditions for the annual musical are this week.  This year we are doing The Addams Family.  I think it's going to be a fun one!  Monday I brought up the boys for the info meeting and to teach the audition dance.  Today was the auditions day and tomorrow callbacks.  I always struggle to find childcare for the boys while I am away for two afternoons and evenings. This year the Masons back in Colorado.  I was delighted that they accepted my invitation to watch the boys for a couple days.  Jack and Sam were over the moon to see Grandma Betty and Grandpa Rick.

The best part for me was Ben's idea.  Why don't I stay up in Bailey, he asked.  We have the cozy condo up there.  His parents can take the kids full time and stay in our house.  I can have two days of quiet and extra sleep, a much shorter drive to the school, and no hurry to finish casting at the end of the night.  Brilliant!

So here I am, snuggled up in the mountains.  I brought five knitting projects (two sweaters, one sock, one hat, one shawl) and three Christmas ornament embroidery kits.  I've discovered a hidden luxury - leaving my things about the house!  I never realized how much time I devote to keeping my things away from cat and dog and kids.  At home there have to be certain doors shut always, trashcans up on counters, computers out of reach, locks on cabinets, scissors on high hooks, fabric off the floor, needles and beads promptly boxed up, yarn balls hidden in baskets or high on shelves.  I've really cut loose alone up here.  When I left things out to go to auditions, they were in the exact same place when I came back.  Imagine!

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