Sunday, October 05, 2008

Short Family Weekend

My folks came to visit us this weekend, just for fun! I love just sitting around and catching up with my parents. They spoiled Jem with lots of treats and a new stuffed duck. She adores it and carries it everywhere. Molly got some new catnip toys that she seems pretty happy about. I also got an early Christmas present from Ikea. That store is so great. I can't wait the two years until they build one in Centennial, CO.

Saturday we went to Amanda's school and dropped off a trunk-load of young adult novels from our personal collection for her classes to use. It was so fun browsing through those old, musty pages. It brought back memories of riding in the car for hours, me in the backseat reading the latest Sweet Valley High. Here we are laughing at Amanda's note on the cover of what would have been her newest acquisition:

"Don't open, that mean you Rachel!"

After that we loaded up Ben and went to Boulder! Oh, how I love and miss living in Boulder. We arrived in time to visit the farmer's market and I'm so glad we did. I used to walk down the Boulder creek path to the market nearly every weekend when Ben and I lived in our first home there. I would visit every stand, searching for the best prices with the best quality. We found many late harvest delights! Dad took lots of pictures of me packing my sack with yummies. I'm going to make a leek soup with parsnips. Dad insists that I use the entire leek by boiling the whole thing until tender, like his mother used to. I don't know about that. I've always sauteed the tender parts and tossed the thick green tips. I might have to get her recipe. I also picked up some rainbow chard - too pretty to pass by, and sunchokes. I've always wanted to try sunchokes but they're expensive in stores. Not here! Mom went wild for mums and got us each a plant and several for herself. I also picked up a lavendar plant for just $4.00 (instead of $20 at a nursery!). Miranda, I need to take you to the market one day. There's only 4 weeks left so we have to hurry.
We ate out a lot this weekend, at 3 Margaritas, Brasserie Ten Ten, and Pei Wei take-out. I love taking my parents to NIJ resteraunts ("not in Junction"). This morning we had a delicious breakfast of bagels, fruit, bread pudding, hot chocolate, cider, and OJ. Yum! I sent Dad home with more homemade peppermint marshmallows. He doesn't mind that I got a little girly with my decorations. These remind me of My Little Pony.

Thank you Mom and Dad for coming and for everything you do for us!

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