Thursday, April 28, 2011

11 Months Old

The big news of the month was crawling! Crawling here and there and everywhere.

Jack's love of tickling hasn't abated.
I had to tickle him to get smiles for this photo shoot.  It's been a tough week.
He's had the crud. 
Coughing, congested, and runny noses make sleeping hard.  For everyone in the house.  He's subdued and spacey.  A lot of my pictures turned out like this:
But even with a cold, Jack is SUCH a great kid.  We still love him to bits.

He wants to hold everything.  Watch out if you wear glasses.  We're going to need new pairs when he outgrows this stage.  We both have stretched and scratched pairs.

He plays ball now too. 
Zoned out again, but still cute:
I can't capture it on film well, but I want to point out that Jack says "Achtung" all the time.  It sounds like "AUUUK....toonnnng" with a harsh German K.  No, of course he's not actually saying a German word.  It's just funny to think he is :-)  

Almost 9 o'clock and he's still crying and coughing upstairs.  Poor little guy.  Get better soon!

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