Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Pictures from the weekend

Click on any pictures to see them bigger. These are more are posted on my flickr site here.

I surprised my family in the parking lot of GJHS, where they were participating in the community Knowledge Bowl.  We took turns watching the teams and playing with Jack, who was thrilled to be out of the car.

I love seeing all three of our cars in the driveway, in red, white and blue (Amanda's, Andy's, and mine)
We surprised Richard after dinner.  He didn't know Jack and I were coming to town either.
A bath the next morning, then hanging out all day. 

We tried to get some family pictures in the squinty bright sun.  Not sure any of these are worth printing, but they were fun!

Andy and Amanda left Sunday afternoon-until I-70 closed in Vail, so Amanda had to come back an extra day. Yay!

At dinner we video chatted x 3 = Betty in Maine on the macbook using Gmail, Ben in Denver using Facetime on the iPad, and Andy and Jenn in SLC using Facetime on the iPhone!  Nerdtastic.

Jenni and Brian stopped by to say hello, and later Kristin brought Coral over.  I love seeing our babies growing up at the same time! 

And that's it!  Absolutely nothing exciting, just lots of family time.  It was awesome.  Up next: videos.

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