Friday, November 30, 2012

A text post about my week off

I still haven't decided how to handle the new photo limit on Google.  Start paying to store in google?  Renew my flickr account and only post links from there? Delete the first 5 years of my blog after backing it up again?  I don't like any of those options. 

So anyway, it's been a splendid week off of work for me.  In a stroke of genius I requested off the week after Thanksgiving as well as the holiday itself.  It has been so restorative to avoid work completely.  Vacations are nice, but it's good to be home and just be home.  I cut off all my email connections so they don't pop up with work-related messages.  I haven't worn blueberry scrubs in 9 days.  It's bliss. 

Tomorrow I go back but just for one shift + call.  Then I have Sunday and Monday off.  I can handle that.  Next week is heavier, with T, Th, Fr, Sat, and Sun shifts, with call every day too.  But I'll be ready.  Plus that will be my last weekend to work until January.  Hurrah! 

I was all set to decorate for Christmas when we got back from Grand Junction.  But first thing Monday morning I got a call that we were getting our cement patio replaced.  Right now.  30 seconds later workers were in my backyard.  I had to run out there in the freezing sleet in my pajamas and slippers to clear off our patio furniture, bringing all the dirt and cobwebs they had accumulated into the house.  Ugh.  I mean, it's nice to get a new patio but a little warning would have been appreciated!  So all week I've been waiting for it to dry so I can move the patio stuff back out.  I had to put some things in the basement, right where our Christmas tree was going to go.  Ben just called and found out it will be cleared this afternoon.  Thank goodness!  I'm embarrassed at how inconvenienced I feel being forced to use our front door to walk ALL THE WAY around the building to the visitor parking like.  My gosh, it sucks.  Good thing the weather has been nice all week or I would be REALLY annoyed. 

Jack and I have had lots of play time this week.  Crafts, playgrounds, practicing chores, and Christmas shopping.  The big news is that I started potty training!  He had sporadic practice before using the big toilet with a little kid seat on top of it.  On Monday I was coaxing him to pee and he went #2 too!  I was thrilled!  This kid is so ready.  So I invested in a froggy potty (the cheapest one at Target), some pull-ups, and flushable wipes.  I'm pleased to say we have great progress.  He still wears a regular diaper for naps and bedtime.   He doesn't stay dry on his own yet either.  But he will sit on the potty when I ask him and every time he can produce something.  The reward system of little chocolate chips or M&Ms is working beautifully.  "Peepee Treat! Peepee Treat!  Poop Cookie!" He completely understands the system.  I'm not using any particular method and don't even have a goal.  We'll just keep at it and let him set his own learning pace for now. 

So my time has been split between activities above and casting the musical for Amanda's school.  Monday I taught them a 1 minute dance to Dirty Dancing's Time of Your Life.  Then I got to watch awkward teenagers (some questionably prepubescent still) try to roll their hips in various sexy ways.  Hilarious.  We got an incredible group of kids this year!  So many new male talent with good voices!  And lots of great, hard working girls too.  There were two days of auditions plus one day of call-backs, so I spent 4/5 afternoons up in Bailey this week.  Glad to skip the drive today and take advantage the quiet that Jack's nap allows.  Now I have to work on some actual choreography. 

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