Saturday, December 01, 2012

Oh, I also did this

Monday I met up with Brian, Mavi, Jeff (back in the lower 48!), Katie, and Joe for good old trivia. 

"Congrats to Satisfaction Train for getting 93 points, the highest score at Teller's to date."

Yes, that would be our team.  Boo ya!  I had a few good answers that the others on our team didn't know.  What two cheese get their white rind from penicillin blooms? Brie and Camembert of course.  But I'm ashamed I knew which love interest from Twilight once voiced a Disney Channel cartoon (Taylor Lautner, obviously) and I remember the terrible name that Bella and Edward gave their "freak baby." (Renesmee).  I haven't even read Twilight, I SWEAR.  And I've read a lot of young adult fiction, I would fess up to that.  I guess it was worth knowing. 

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