Monday, December 17, 2012

Ben's Commencement

Even though Ben finished his degree in August, and started work in September, we celebrated at his commencement on Saturday.  He was given the Lady Ada Lovelace award for "outstanding achievement in computer science or computer information systems."  Sort of a Best in Class award.  Ben will try to tell you that it's not a big deal, and that really he was the only student who bothered to apply.  But I don't believe him!  It's a major award, bring out the leg lamp!

My parents came up to attend his commencement and do some Christmas shopping and Jack time.  Here are some pictures from the ceremony, the whole set is on flickr here.

Having his award announced: DSC_0200

And receiving the award (taken from the jumbo screen, we were way in the back) DSC_0206

When they got to the roll call to hand out diplomas, they skipped ahead two pages! So I was totally unprepared when Ben's name was called.  I managed to get a few at least.

(those people standing up blocked my shot of him shaking hands) DSC_0219 



But the afterward pictures are what matter anyway :-) We are so proud of our graduate! 

I tried to have Jack wear the hat.  He wasn't up for funny hats after having to skip his nap.
Or maybe he was declaring his intent to skip college.  So my parents each got two bachelor degrees now?  Fools! Send me to trade school.  Bob the Builder is my hero.  I got my tools and my flannel - I'm ready!

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