Friday, December 21, 2012

Spolied by the Nanny

A coworker confirmed my suspicion that nannies are the WORST when it comes to spoiling kids.  Look at this last week.  Every day she gave him a present.  First a book.

Then a truck set.

Spoiled by the nannySpoiled by the nanny


Spoiled by the nanny
Spoiled by the nanny

Spoiled by the nanny

He loves it and loves her.  She took him out to all his favorite places last week.  Even took him to see Santa!

The Culprit:
Spoiled by the nanny

(The truth is, we love her.)

And it's only December 21.

I'm working the 24th and 25th.  We are having Christmas dinner with Ben's extended family.  Then Christmas with the Waterhouses.  Then Christmas with the Masons.  The festivities will go through January.  How much more can Jack take?  A lot, I think, and it's a good thing.  Because there's a lot more spoiling to come.

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