Monday, December 17, 2012

How time flies!

Is Christmas really in one week?  Where did the time go?  I was sick all of last week and everything stopped: the wrapping, the baking, the potty training, the crafts, the house cleaning, all of it set aside while I struggled through work and rehearsals, never able to shake off the cold.

It was fun having my parents visit, but I felt like I was only half present.  I hope they enjoyed their time with Jack at least.  I did get to show them the Humble Pie Shop, and I got to see the Van Gogh exhibit with them, and of course Ben's commencement.

After all that they (almost gleefully) took Jack so Amanda, Ben, Brian, and I could see the Hobbit.  We got Jersey Mike's subs on the way to the theater and queued up for a good seat.  I haven't waited behind ropes for a movie since Serenity.

It paid off, we got center, front row of the back section, with the bars that I love to use for foot rests.  Add a giant coke zero and bucket of popcorn and I was ready for the next three hours of high frame rate hobbits. 
Good movie.  Of course I have my quibbles.  And Brian is right, "Peter Jackson has lost all sense tone."  And I still hate 3D.  But I still enjoyed it immensely.

Sunday I slept as much as possible.  Skipped church and tithing settlement.  Watched the Arisocats with my boys.  Toast for dinner.

Today I'm feeling better.  Just residual coughing and nose-blowing.  No head-pounding or debilitating fatigue.  I slipped back into our usual Monday routine.  I don't know why I've had so many Mondays off at work, but it's nice.

Jack woke and quietly played in his crib while I stole and extra thirty minutes of snoozing.  Then we got up and each had breakfast.  Sausage, eggs, and berries for me.  Sausage, berries, and toast for Jack.  Then we unloaded the dishwasher.  I started some laundry and vacuumed while he ate.  Then we made muffins.  Jack got a lot more excited to eat them when he saw that they look like cupcakes.
 Then it was time for dressing and brushing teeth, before head out for the library.  Story time is at 10:30 on Mondays.  We swap out new books for the week and read and sing songs.  Jack LOVES it.  There's a solid routine that he can follow:

Library frog 1) return old books
2) open the "frog box" to see the hint the librarians left about what the theme will be
3) Say hi to the real frog
4) browse new books
5) drink at the kids fountain
6) sit for story time, which includes:
  a: receiving magic from the wand
  b: open and shut hands song
  c: letter of the day and ABC song
  d: stories/dances alternating
  e: goodbye song
  f: more magic from the wand
7) get a stamp and sticker
8) Help check out new books

He's getting so much better at group story time too.  At the start he would just sit quietly in my lap.  Wouldn't join in anything, he only listened.  Now, well, not so shy:

Story time

Story timeStory time

He likes to say hi to all the kids and ask them questions.  He even started sitting up front, away from me last week.  Before and after the session he grooves to the music.

After story time we get groceries, gas the car, and go home for lunch.  Then play for an hour and it's naptime! 

Routine is good. 

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