Thursday, December 13, 2012

Treat yo self part II

This cold is still festering in my sinuses.  Another day of wearing a mask for hours in the hospital.  Gah.  It makes my jaw hurt for no logical reason.  I clench up and can't stop.

Luckily!  We only had a half day of patients.  After running them and doing all the chores I skipped out the door at 1:30.  Now I could have gone straight home and reheated the pot roast for lunch.  But hey, I have a nanny already, what's the hurry?  Why don't I take Tommy's advice and Treat Yo Self?

Treat yo self!

 And once you don't that, you HAVE to do this. Am I right?

Treat yo self II

Ahh.  Warm food and a full belly.  Now some knitting and mindless TV while Jack naps.  Just what the doctor nurse ordered.

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