Friday, December 07, 2012

Old chair, new purpose

Old chair, new purpose, originally uploaded by rachelsmason.

It's like clockwork. We take Jack to nursery at church. Late that afternoon he develops a runny nose. The rest of the week is spent spreading toddler illness around various adults. Ben and I got mild versions. Jack got a little sicker and even threw up with the nanny yesterday.

Thus the nanny called in sick today. Thus Ben had to juggle working at home with a hyper AND sick kid who wouldn't take a nap. Thus Jack got to watch a lot of TV.

Earlier this week I retired his booster seat at the dinner table. He's tall enough, and was spending most of his time wiggling absentmindedly, with many near falls as he twisted around in the seat. Today I see that he put it to use as a TV watching chair. He loves sitting at the ottoman, but it's always been an odd height for him-too low to stand, too high to sit. Problem solved!

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