Sunday, May 05, 2013

Nuno Felting

Amanda gave me a fiber class for my birthday many many weeks ago.  We finally had the time to take the class yesterday.  Even with both of us hacking and sneezing from colds caught in Chicago, it was so fun!  It's hosted by this strange little fiber studio in the middle of no where Colorado. We each made a beautiful gauzy silk scarf using the Nuno wet felting technique.  It used quite a but of equipment and space, so I'm not sure how easily I could do more at home. But it was nice having the large studio with tons of supplies to choose from and space to work with.  I adore my scarf.  Here are pictures of the process.

Nuno scarf classNuno scarf class

Nuno scarf classNuno scarf class

The scarves are being rolled in that machine against the wall, wrapped up in blue bubble wrap.
Nuno scarf class

Nuno scarf classNuno scarf class

The final product (I love Amanda's and wish I had a better picture of it.  Don't trust farmers to take pictures for you!):
Nuno scarf classNuno scarf class

And styled for church today:


Thank you, dear sister!

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