Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Old and New

Here is our dark, narrow, small, dingy carpet shell of an old house. 
Goodbye quail street

Quail street, you were good to us.  But I think we outgrew you two years ago. 

Goodbye quail street

We filled the truck, plus a minivan, and at least 4 Pontiac Vibes. 

Now onto some of my favorite things in the "New Big Orange House," as Jack insists on calling it.  (Excuse the mess.  The decorating and arrangements are all improvised and temporary. 

Laundry on the main floor!  With nearby chairs to sit and sort fresh from the dryer.
New house rocks #1

A wood burning fireplace that isn't tacky or dated or overtaking the room! Doesn't it scream for Christmas stockings?
New house rocks #2

A shaded back patio with ample (but not too ample) back yard!
New house rocks #3

Jack's larger room, with adorable and totally rad new bed!  Which he sleeps deeper and longer in!
New house rocks #4

A master bedroom with room to walk around!
New house rocks #5

Attached master bathroom for private trips during the middle of the night when the boy in residence in my tummy decides to play the tom-tom on my bladder!
New house rocks #6

Walk in closer with triple the rod space, shelves to the ceiling!
New house rocks #7

A happy happy cat!
Happy cat

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