Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Holiday overload

Jack must have a mixed up understanding of holidays.  On top of Thanksgiving, we started our Hanukkah sock opening per Mason family tradition (Thank you Betty and Rick, we love them!).

Then the Hanukkah socks have overlapped with Christmas decorating.  Every day Jack asks me if it's Christmas yet.  I forgot to get a chocolate advent calendar, and my embroidered one is not ready for use yet.  Poor kid.  Time is abstract for a three year old who can't tell when a new day starts or ends, give or take a nap, and changing daylight hours.  But it doesn't bother him too much.  All he cares about is that Santa brings him Skylanders Swapforce.  He tells everyone we meet who mentions Christmas to him.

Oh, and check out this glorious marshmallow I made.  My folks gave me a recipe book as an early Christmas present.  I took the hint.  These are marvelous, and I have plans for two more radical ones.  This one is just a plain vanilla bean, to be sure I understood the basic recipe - it's quite different from my usual one, and much better too.

Bonus picture of Sam's first rollover, as previous mentioned.

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Miranda said...

So obviously I have to know what is different about this new marshmallow recipe! What recipe book did you get?