Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Thanksgiving Photos

Wow, a lot of pictures of Sam being held.  I guess it was so remarkable to me that he was out of my arms and happy at the same time.

Play dough for Jack


A new rattle for Sam (loves it)

Cooking the feast

Assisting Andy via phone with the family recipe known simply as "rolls."

Admiring our rolls

We had an amazing feast, and Jack ate leftover pizza for Thanksgiving.  >:-P

It wouldn't be a grandparent visit without a bath.

Amanda, Ben, and I went to see Frozen with Jack.  He LOVED it.  Seeing a movie with him is an experience all on its own.  He's crazy about Olaf and got super excited to see Carmike theater's amateur artwork.

Bedtime prep

Sam is crazy for these "infant stim" pictures that go on a mobile.  I brought some for his entertainment while away from home.

Thank you for hosting, Mom and Dad!

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