Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cause I'm a womaaaaaan

Look what I did during naptime:

Ben kindly entertained the kids/put them to sleep while I changed out the faucet in the hall bath.  Not only was it ugly, Jack couldn't turn it on by himself.  Every single time he washes hands, I thought "Man, I need to replace this faucet so I don't have to get off my butt."   It's finally done after 8 months of procrastination. This is why we knew not to get a fixer upper when we were shopping for a new house.  We don't roll that way.

There were some hard to reach nuts and bolts corroded stuck.  I started to distress.  Then I sliced those suckers off with my Dremel tool.

There were leaks all over when testing.  But then I brought back my dialysis plumbing skillz, ID'd the culprits and wrenched the crap out of them.  (Good thing too, because my next troubleshooting step while hooking up in the ICU was to say "Screw it" and make a fancy drip catcher out of an eye-shield mask to guide the water down a drain.  That's only a good a few hours of treatment while I monitor for flooding.)


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