Monday, June 16, 2014

A Good Monday Morning

Start with a little sleep.  If Sam sleeps until at least 6:15, that's a good morning.  If he lets me go back to bed for twenty minutes after I fill his tummy, that's even better.

Exercise first thing to get it out of the way.  Sam plays on the floor and dances to Ke$ha with me.  Meanwhile Jack gets himself up and is watching Digimon in the kitchen. 

Breakfast next.  Leftover crumpets (yay for Trader Joe's!) with fruit and smoothie.  A fried egg for me.


BWAA HAHA HA HA!  They had zucchini in their smoothies!  I win at mothering!

Shower and style my new do, that I dyed last night.  Summer always makes me want to do something new with my hair.  This might be the most fetching self photo I've taken in years, despite the broken dresser and unmade bed.


Sam took a nap and we cleaned Jacks' room.  It was remarkable because we did it together without tears shed by either party.

Then off to the usual story time.  

Oh man, can you believe this was published?  I ought to look up the designs on ravelry. . .

Oh wow.  There they are.  Beautiful.

Stopped at MickleDonnull's for cold drinks and a bag of ice before having lunch at home.  Sam is starting with some leftover hamburger, and Jem thinks Sam is A-OK. 


Quiet time for both boys - the best part of the day.  Sam woke up shortly though.  I have him play while I finished up some work. 

Not pictured: Me having an anxiety attack over Sam coughing and sneezing this morning.  I can't break this healthy streak yet!

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