Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Our trip in numbers

Days on trip: 5

Miles driven: 1,158

Roadside potty stops: 1

Restroom potty stops: 4

Chicken Run viewings: 3

Hours of iPad gaming: too many to count

Sam naps skipped: 0

Jack naps skipped: 3

Fatboy sandwiches consumed by me: 3

Peanut M&Ms consumed by me: ~ 270

Mornings slept in by me: 1

Diaper blowouts: 3

Loads of laundry: 2

Cousins visited: 7

Photos uploaded to Flickr: 62

Toys received by Jack: 10

Toys received by Sam: 3

Falls out of bed: 1

Total head bonks to boys: ~8

Alpha-bots recovered from long ago lost: 1

Replacement Alpha-bots imported from Japan just in case: 26

Requests for McDonald's by Jack: 5

Requests for McDonald's granted: 3

Weird Utah billboards observed: 14

Items missing upon arrival in Arvada: 2

Ounces of Diet Coke consumed by me: 376

Swimming dips: 3

Swimsuits packed by me: 2 per boy

New swimsuits waiting at Mom's house: 2 per boy

Sunburns: 0

1 comment:

Susan said...

So glad you guys made it out. We really enjoyed having you here/