Thursday, October 02, 2014

Pumpkin time!

October is the best!!!

Jack's school finished updating the public playground next to it, and every day after school we have played for at least ten minutes.  He's thrilled to see his classmates a little longer.

Yesterday we put up our Halloween decorations and the kids were ecstatic.

Not so in this picture, but trust me.

Today during preschool I used up my extra pumpkin in a lightened up bar recipe.  The kids devoured it at lunch.

Jack showed off the pumpkin he made for school.  He pointed out the vampire teeth he added (clever!)

We had four straight days of health.  I'm afraid my residual stuffy nose has gotten worse the last two days.  Seems like I'm coming down with something new.  Better me than the boys- I can blow my own nose!

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