Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Career Choices

Jack has a lot of aspirations. In order to help him when he is 20 and facing his future, I'm cataloging his ideas now.  

  • Teacher (like Aunt Amanda!)
  • Farmer
  • Computer Programmer (like Dad!)
  • Doctor (like Grandpa!)
  • Nurse (like Mom!)
  • Baker
  • Paperboy (like in Curious George!)
  • Ikea Worker
He didn't tell me where the last one came from.  During breakfast this morning he announced that he wanted to work in that place where they wear blue and yellow and you get stuff for your house.  Ikea, I offered?  Yes, Ikea.  I want to be an Ikea worker. 


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siberianluck said...

Don't forget "Videogame Worker" I couldn't ever figure out what he hoped to do in that job though.