Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Improvising when sick

Auditions for the musical were this week. We had such great plans made. Monday's workshop went fine. But that night Sam kept me up with coughing. Tuesday the day of actual auditions, he still had a croupy cough and a drippy nose. I was afraid I'd have to miss them, but Ben graciously volunteered to stay home with the kids so I could go.

I had planned to skip callbacks to take care of sick Sam, but then meet up with the other directors to cast the show after Ben got home from work. However, he woke up with a stomach flu! So now there are two completely different illnesses in our home for two people. Amanda and I managed to get a video chat window open so I could watch the callbacks from home. 

Then we did the same thing later from Jesse's house to figure out the casting together. We got it done! I think the show will be really good.

But I'm nervous as heck what's going to happen with these viruses in my house.  Who will be the next to fall? And with which illness?

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