Sunday, December 07, 2014

December week happenings

Here's a pro tip for all you: if you want to keep losing weight, don't make homemade bread and then buy a jar of Nutella. Not a good idea.

The tree is decorated. The house lights are on. Presents are being bought and the boys are full of Christmas joy.  The family Christmas pictures are being printed. Ben's work holiday dinner party was loads of fun. TV Christmas specials are being enjoyed. All in all it's a great December so far!

I was in Sacrament meeting with Jack this morning when he started shivering and complaining of being cold and thirsty. After about half hour I decided he was really getting sick and took him home. Poor guy is tucked upstairs with a fever now. We went to whole four days with no one in the house being sick, it was glorious!  I hope it passes quickly and we can go back to Christmas joys.

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