Saturday, December 20, 2014


Sam's babbling is starting to take form.  I keep meaning to report on his talking, but then I delay and he adds more and more skills!


As you know, he's been saying "Mom" since I can remember him making any noise.  Over the summer he clearly said Mamama and Dadadada for each of us. 


Next, early this fall, he started using consistent sounds like Da for dog and Ba for sheep (baa baa they say) and ball, mum for nursing, that sort of thing.


This December he started saying "Day-doo" whenever it would be appropriate to say thank you.  So cute!  This week I asked if he was all done and did the usual sign.  He signed back along with "Al-da!"  That same day he signed his "please" and said "eez." 

What a champ! 

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