Saturday, February 28, 2015

Date night

Last night we dropped the kids off at the rec center for date night.  We all love using their babysitting.  The kids get to play on the indoor playground, have pizza and a snack for dinner, watch a Disney movie, play in the bouncy castle, and get changed into jammies, ready for bed.  Meanwhile Ben and I have four hours of conversation and quiet fun. 

We had reservations at "the range" (lower case) in the Renaissance hotel.  It used to be a large bank and they've made some fun renovations to the building, complete with enormous Native American murals and random vault doors with hand wheels and bolts. The furniture looked like it was selected by Tom Haverford.  :-) 

Dinner was delicious, we enjoyed the Restaurant Week 5280 menu.  But I admit I had more fun wandering around beforehand.  

It was freezing but we warmed up with hot chocolate and found an amazing tea shop!  It's hard to find loose leaf herbal tea, but this place had an amazing selection of herbals and roobis.  
Neither parents not kids wanted the night to be over :-)

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