Saturday, September 19, 2015


Tonight we went out with 6 friends to escape a mystery room!  Brian had told Ben about these games and that there was one in Boulder.  So tonight we went to Enigma on Pearl Street.  I'm proud to say we did quite well!  Well, at first we looking for such subtle, complicated clues that they had to prompt us with an extra hint.  But once we got started with that we did great.  Only 30% of guests escape (and the host said no one after 8pm has done it) so we were in the top tier.  And of those, they said most finish with less than ten minutes of time left.  We had 17 minutes left!  If we hadn't missed the first (rather obvious) lock we would have saved 20 minutes!  Oh well. We will have to prove our stuff some other time with their second room. 
Here's a puzzle for you to solve!

Sam is quite the talker now and loves to identify superheroes.   See if you can guess which character he is talking about based on his pronunciation.  The answers are written in white following each character, highlight it with your mouse to reveal.     

Boss Spider-Man, sometimes Iron Man

Shoeshine Superman

Matmon Batman

Four Thor

Huuuulk Hulk

Minss  Minions

Cat Captain America

Maymax Baymax

Mick Maus Mickey Mouse

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