Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Christmas continues

We spent some Christmas money on new blinds for the living room.  Aren't they lovely!?  They are faux wood blinds from Bali via Lowes.  They were having a sale, with free upgrades on the valence and cloth tape.  Score!  The biggest treat was paying for installation.  I felt the tug of penny pinching, that little voice in my head saying "you can do this!  Why pay someone else to do something you can install yourself?"  Well, little voice, BOO YA! Installed in 15 minutes while I was away at work this morning.  No need to fiddle with tools and balance precariously on couches while marking a level with pencil, or worry about entertaining the baby and keeping the dog at bay.  Let professional dude do what he does.  Merry Christmas, indeed! 

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