Sunday, February 06, 2011

Snow Day!

Canceling church because of weather is the closest a nurse can come to having a snow day.  (I texted my mom that our church was canceled and she asked if it was for the weather or the superbowl.  What??  Uh, I don't think that has ever happened, Mom.)  (I'm going to assume she was joking.)

  It's been snowing since yesterday afternoon - thick, wet snow with a layer of ice underneath everything. 

We're spending the morning doing very little.  Laundry, TV, playing.  We also send each other goofy things we find on the internet.  Like this and this and this.  I've discovered that Ben did not know who Anderson Cooper is, did not know about the Remix the Clips game on Jimmy Fallon, and has never seen rice krispies treats made with fruit pebbles.  It's amazing how we can spend so much time together and still live in different spheres.

Last night we ordered Dominos pizza and watched OSS 117 on Netflix watch it now.  Dinner and movie without leaving the comfort of home!  Ok, I lied.  We only watched 57 minutes of OSS 117 because it was 10:30 at that point and apparently we are old people who can't stay up very late anymore.  We'll finish it later.  So far it's pretty funny.  Like a French version of Hot Shots.

We're trying to reach our friends to find out if the superbowl party this evening has been canceled too.  What am I going to do with 32 deviled eggs if it is?

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