Tuesday, March 01, 2011

A day off that felt kind of normal

Wow, today feels great!  Don't you love it when your internal light switch flips on and you get things DONE? I haven't felt like this since . . .  September?  Pre-Jack even?  Maybe it's the gorgeous weather today.  Not getting called back to work like I expected last night helps too.  (There's a CRRT I was SURE would clot before midnight.  I guess it didn't.)  Here's my day so far, and it's not even 4pm.
  • Cleaned up the clutter in the living room
  • Rearranged dining furniture
  • Vacuumed (it's a big deal.  Really.)
  • Helped Jenn with a knitting pattern question in an overly long email
  • Fed Jack milk
  • Played with Jack
  • Fed Jack chicken and veggies and a sippie cup of water
  • Did not have to change Jack's clothes
  • Re-cleaned off the table
  •  Installed a new car stereo

  • Yo, did you catch that?  I INSTALLED a car stereo.  Like a man.  Wiring and everything.
  • Got Ben some new banjo strings
  • Got drinks and tots at Sonic happy hour with new car stereo
  • Started cooking dinner
  • Loaded dishwasher
  • Blogged a couple times
  • Backed up my iphone and hard drive
  • Baked cookies

 What's left for the day?  Finished the pork fried rice for dinner, eating cookies, and knitting while watching Jimmy Fallon.  Maybe a block walk with the baby and dog.  They like that sort of thing.

Here's to days off!

PS: new car stereo is awesome.  I paid even less than that, using birthday money.  It has a USB and aux port on the front, so I can charge my phone while playing music directing from it, with controls on the stereo.  Mmmkay, going to eat cookies now. 

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