Saturday, March 05, 2011

Stockinette Ennui

I grew weary of my purple cardigan, with its endless all knits, then all purls.  Such tiny yarn, and wo, I'm so far from the fun smocking section! So I cast on a new cardigan with my handspun yoke.  It's bulky and uneven and quite fun.  This one starts with the patterned yarn (top-down knitting, my other cardigan was bottom-up knit).  I tried it on tonight to see if it's fitting ok.  Not bad!  Sure I could tweak it here and there, but it's kind of a rough and wild cardi.  I'll keep going.  Hopefully I have enough yarn to finish! I'm all out of matching roving to spin any more.

(The pattern is the Shalom Cardigan.  I'm doing it with 7 mm needles, no mods to the pattern so far.)

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