Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jack on the town

What up, homies?

Welcome to the produce section, says Jack.

He climb stairs now.  Well, stair.  Singular.

And we kick it at the Cherry Creek Mall.
(Yeah, they changed the breakfast food play area to this WB/Colorado themed set.  I was set to be huffy about it but every kid was having a riot.  More is better I suppose.)
Mastered the crawl.  Trying to stand now.

And he's been doing this a lot:

It cracks us up to no end.


Miranda said...

That little head down, arms up pose is hilarious!

Wait...so what do you call it now if it isn't "The Bacon"?

siberianluck said...

HealthONE™ presents Rocky Mountain Play Park™ Featuring WB's™ Looney Toons™ obviously