Thursday, August 23, 2012

Slimming down

Ben and I went back on strict Atkins this week.  We stopped the "induction" phase with a 20 carb limit after two weeks and gradually worked back up to normal.  We stopped counting, but we were still eating less crap than before.  Then I started sneaking more goldfish crackers from Jack's stash and more spoonfuls of peanut butter with chocolate chips.  So I proposed we go back on a stint of low carb to recalibrate and slim a little before our vacation next week.  I'm only limiting to 30 carbs a day - dramatically easier than 20 but still takes a lot of effort and planning.

In three days I have pushed through my previous plateau.  Remember, I started at 162 pounds and got down to 155.  I maintained 155.5-157 all summer since then.  Today I was down to 153!  I'm so psyched.  I can't believe I've lost almost ten pounds this summer.  **Update 8/24: I hit 152.  I can't believe it!**

I'm still getting to Zumba class when I possible.  My favorite teacher has moved around, so now I go to the Golden Community Center for her.  Today it was closed for renovations. :-( I had Jack with me, planning to do child care during my class.  So I took him over the hill to a playground, figuring he could at least get some wiggles out before going home.

Lo and behold, Zumba was in the park!  Kris had a free class there because she's so awesome :-)  (She's in the pink tank top, bossing people around.) 
At first Jack was like:
Aw shucks.  Mommy is dancing instead of catering to my every whim and applauding every little move I make.  

And then Jack was like:

So good times were had all around.  I let him have half hour of playground time afterwards, then let him splash in all the puddles on the way back to the car, so I think that makes up for it.

PS: It's really hard to dance on uneven ground and videotape a toddler.  Thank goodness for Youtube's auto shake-remover. 
PPS: Yes, he is dancing to a song about mixed drinks, and my teacher says "I dare you to take your shirt off" to the group.  You should know Jack and I also dance zumba at home and are both closeted fans of Pitbull.

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