Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tiny Town

A couple weeks ago we took Jack to Tiny Town, Colorado!  He was sick in that indestructible, two-year-old way that they drip snot and cough but are still hyper and demand entertainment.  That night I got sick, in the thirty-year-old way that I drip snot and cough but want nothing more than to hole up in the basement with Tylenol, a box of tissues, and season five of The West Wing for three days straight.  I even called in sick to work - I have to be REALLY worn out to do that.  I think I've only done that twice before in three years.  Then Ben got sick and I continued to have little energy and had to work for a whole week while Jack continued to ping around the house, a typical ball of chaos and fun-seeking boy-mass.  Jack watched a lot of Dinosaur Train that week. 

All of that is to excuse this very delayed post about Tiny Town.  Jack LOVED it.  Did not want to leave.  Wanted to ride the choo-choo all day.  You should have seen the reverence with which he gave the conductor his ticket for punching.  Oh, but you can! For I am posting pictures and video finally. (Credits to Amanda and Ben)


chitarita said...

Ahh! Private video! I can't see the tunnel!

eaumaison said...

Uh oh! Thank you, I fixed it.