Thursday, August 02, 2012

Ten Years Strong

 Today is our tenth anniversary!  Crazy. 

We plan to really celebrate in about a month, after Ben graduates.  We are taking a trip to San Francisco with a stopover in GJ to drop Jack off with the grands (or "grampkees" as he says).  It will be our first trip away from our little guy.  As much as we love him, I'm looking forward to being solo for a long weekend. 

So I didn't plan for our anniversary this week.  That's how I ended up working today, and it's the first of 3 shifts in a row (4.5 total for the week).  We got each other silly gifts in the morning.  Ben made sure to include daffodils and tin, the assigned gifts for tens year.

Tonight Ben picked up Fat Sully's pizza, our new favorite.  The guy gave us a free salad to celebrate!  We ate it while watching Seinfeld.  I was in the mood for some retro TV. 

 I love you, Ben!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! We're so happy for you and all that you guys have done over the past ten years. We're looking forward to spoiling. err, um, grandparenting Jack while you guys enjoy a break.

Love, Mom

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