Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween: The Candy

First we hit the mall for trick or treating.  We met Amanda and the Tilly's: Mike, Trish, and Jack's friend Wolfie, who were dressed as the Yo Gabba Gabba crew.  
Ben found his costume on a Hot Topic board.
Even better, he found a co-star outside!  This kid was super psyched to see his Lumpy Space Princess pal.  His dad insisted we get photos.

The boys took a break to ride the kiddie Merry Go Round

 And to watch a spooky railroad set.

This image captures the moment Jack realized Wolfie was EATING a piece of bucket candy.
 (I love Amanda's Formal Complaint costume)

Doesn't this image sum it up?  Suckers in mouth, Wolfie checking out his friend's bucket.

Once the suckers came out, it was hard to keep the boys focused on the task of acquiring more.  They are a "live for the moment" type of creature.  

Luckily we were almost done.

 Our pumpkins at home.

I took Jack out to a few friendly neighbors on our block.  We ran into the Larsons!  April did an amazing job on all their costumes. 

Still zooming.

Brian's house was super spooky, as expected.  Organ music, strobe lights, a fog machine, and lots of decorations.  A great way to end the night. 

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