Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ongoing milestones

We had a blast this weekend with my parents visiting for Amanda's birthday.  We picked pumpkins on a farm, ate lots of delicious food, and shopped till Jack dropped.  But I haven't uploaded photos yet.

I wanted to pop on the blog though.  Just an update on how Jack is doing, which is great!  For a slow talker, he is really blossoming now.  Tons of verbs and nouns, some pronouns even, and he is dappling in conjugation.  He will imitate any word you give him.  He makes three word sentences.  He knows his numbers and letters.  I hate to say it, but I think TV taught him to read letters.  Out of no where he started to name them. Then I watched some Super Why! with him after Paige finally translated for me.  I kept hearing him ask for "Shoop Aye!" Now it's "Shooper Why!" Anyway, that show is all about letters and making words, so I guess that's where he picked them up.  Now I have him read letters to me everywhere we see them.  Again, I have some video but it's not up yet.

He knows ALL the animals.  Seriously.  He knows the colors.  He follows two step commands.  He can wash his hands all by himself (water on, rinse, soap, rinse, water off, towel dry, hang towel, light off, door shut).  He can balance on one foot.  He can turn on tablets and select the next episode he wants when one finishes (and I already told him it was the last one, the little stinker).  He still can't jump with two feet off the ground.  He swallows his toothpaste.  He helps put his clothes on but can't do it by himself yet.  But boy, have the last few months been crazy for growth!  Two and four months is very different than two. 

I started a sticker chart to help him be more responsible.  We hope to work towards potty training soon, and this is a preliminary step to that.

I posted this today and explained it to him.  Now I hear him wander over there and read off the pictures "toys...eat....POOP!"

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