Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Knitting projects

I made this top out of the most luxurious yarn.  I LOVE Anzula Squishy.


The color is most like this first photo. 


I added the sleeves to the pattern - they turned out great!  I'm worried about the neckline.  It felt really well when I tried it on mid-knit.  But now that it's blocked and the ruffles weigh it down, the neck is stretching too much.  I might track down some trim at you-know-where to sew along the inside for stability. 


I also finished the first gauntlet from the Downton Abbey knit-a-long. But that means I'm still two episodes behind, so don't talk to me about anything recent!


1 comment:

Susan said...

Your shirt looks to nice. Your knitting is very even.