Sunday, February 17, 2013

Working and Playing

Ugh.  I was back-up-back-up today (call #3) and I got called into work at 05:40 this morning.  Did two patients at a time in our main room.  Transfused two units of blood.  Got blood pressures down from 190s to 140s.  Took out 10.3 liters gross of fluid (8 net).  Called in a faulty alarm to biomed. The usual.  But not usual for a Sunday morning.

Laid low this afternoon knitting and watching Two Towers.

Jack got to attend his friend's birthday party.  I was sad to miss out - Trish throws amazing parties. Ben took this video of them playing live action Angry Birds. 

Then after nap Jack asked to play Kinect. He loves this game where he builds a castle and then destroys it as a dragon.  When the game puts a crown on his head he calls himself a queen- not a king, mind you. 

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