Friday, October 18, 2013

Fall Friday

I'm finding a rhythm to the day and it's nice.  Sam is surprisingly regular about his feedings.  I even got the boys to take naps up in their rooms at the same time, three times this week!  It's so liberating to have them safely snoozing away from me. 

Our trees are not disappointing in the leaf department.  It's actually fun to help with the yard work. 

I love fallI love fall

I love fall

After feeding Sam, potty helping Jack, changing diapers, and grabbing my robe, I ambled downstairs to start breakfast.  We had leftover bacon from last weekend and I excitedly turned on my oven.  The display briefly turned on, then went dead.  Well, crud.  The range top worked, and so did the oven light.  Grumbling to myself, I pulled out an iron skillet to cook bacon the inferior way, and reported to Ben that I broke the oven. 

We had a repair man here within two hours.  He just banged on the display and informed me what I already knew.  For $70 we got the obvious diagnosis that the electrical panel was dead and an outrageous estimate for $547 to replace it.  Apparently the part is $400+.  Ben dismissed him and we decided to replace the whole thing.  Until we found out that ranges like ours are $1200 and up.  Cheaper models won't work in our space.  Hurrah for the internet - I found the part we needed for just $250!  I took apart the oven to explore and it seems like an easy fix.  I've upgraded both our car stereos, so I figure this can't be much harder.  Until Monday or Tuesday when the new panel comes, we will have to rely on the stovetop and slow cookers for meals.  I hope my DIY works.  I'm sick of appliances breaking. 

Today was Jack's first of four art classes.  I dropped him off at the rec center and felt a little weird leaving the building.  It's the first time I've left him with strangers while I went away.  Sunday nursery and babysitting don't count for that.  Any twinges of maternal sadness melted away when I entered Target.  Armed with a sleeping baby and a hot chocolate, I slowly browsed ONLY the sections I wanted (no toy aisles!).  It was strangely therapeutic.  I came away with a few practical purchases and a few unplanned, cheap, splurges - typical Target experience. 

Mom time

I picked up a very happy kid after one hour and we all went out to lunch with Ben, taking a break from his work at home day. 

Tomorrow I look forward to help with the diaper changes (I HATE changing diapers) and a birthday dinner out with Amanda and her friends. 

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