Saturday, October 05, 2013

Adults Only

Amanda generously offered her babysitting services for us today and I was quick to accept.  I've been clinging to this date all week.  A couple hours out of the house, just me and Ben, with no kids' meals, no car seats, no whining, no wiping bottoms, no crying, no pacifying - sign me up!

We had lunch at a relatively new bar in the Baker neighborhood called Punch Bowl Social.  I hear it's crazy nuts to get in during the popular times.  Lunch was deserted.  We had great service and enjoyed the food, despite piddly reviews online.   (A review of the Portland location called it "Applebee's-esque."  Dude, what kind of Applebee's do you have in Oregon?)  I'm a sucker for the hipster design PBS subscribes to: lots of antlers, exposed brick, bare bulbs, chandeliers, rich upholstery, and mason jar cups.  The red curtains made me think of the Alamo wistfully (can't wait to go back there). 

First date awayFirst date away

First date away
Deviled Eggs
Organic eggs, tartar sauce, sea salt, espelette, coffee bacon jam, mixed greens

First date away
The Fall Guy
Red Delicious apple, celery, cardamom syrup

First date away

Fried Catfish Sandwich
Fried Old Bay dusted catfish, jalapeño slaw, heirloom tomato, purple onion, sesame bun, French fries

PBS Club Sandwich
Tender Belly ham, Tender belly bacon, seared chicken, turkey, Havarti dill cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, dijonnaise, toasted sourdough, French fries

The food wasn't amazing - we suspect the tomatoes were not truly heirloom.  But I enjoyed everything thoroughly.*   I would definitely go back there so long as it's not crowded.  The whole place is cool, with bowling, darts, shuffleboard, and an array of arcade cabinets and pinball.  Ben dropped a few quarters :-)

A quick call to Amanda let us know the boys were ok and we could stay out a little longer.  We popped in Fancy Tiger to browse and chat with Jaime.  There's extra spin nights every night next week.  Maybe I can make it to one.  I haven't spun yarn in ages!  There were no less than three items I wanted to buy, but I resisted temptation.  Between Halloween and Christmas I must stay focused on already planned projects!

Then we wandered up and down Broadway, killing time until the ice cream shop opened. 
First date away

Thank you so much, Amanda!  We had a fabulous date!

*Things I love about not being pregnant:
  • Eating deli sandwiches
  • Eating bacon
  • Sleeping on my back
  • Sleeping on my side
  • Sleeping on my stomach
  • Picking things off the ground
  • Fitting in my shower
  • Holding my pee for hours

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