Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I'm home

I'm home in person, if not in spirit. 

Easter was lovely.  Jack had oodles of fun and ate way too much sugar. 

The house painting was estimated as a two day job, when in my heart I knew it would take three.  Then it was pushed from Thursday to Friday.  Saturday night Ben confirmed that they would be back Monday to finish up.  Not wanting to come home with a posse of kids to an unkempt, paint-not-yet-dried home, I decided to keep the kids in GJ for one more day.  Good thing, because Monday night I came down with a fever.  A wretched, bone-chilling fever like I haven't seen in years.  By Tuesday morning it was gone but I was still a little dizzy with cold sweats all day long.  So another day was spent in GJ.  Good thing I had my parents there to corral the kiddos and give me extra nap-time in the morning and evening. 

This morning I loaded up the car with kids and bags, and myself with Tylenol and Sudafed, and we successfully made it home.  I feel like I'm underwater with head pressure and fuzziness.  My throat burns when I swallow and I keep coughing up gunk.  But at least we made it home safely and I have most of our stuff unpacked. 

The new paint in the house looks good.  I'm not in the best mind to receive it, but I'm happy overall.  I wish I had my strength back to start putting art back on the walls.  It felt like moving into an empty house when we got home. 

But at least we are home.

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