Saturday, April 05, 2014

Lots of friends

What a fun weekend it has been!  Friday we got to play at April's house with Ella, Charlotte, and their friend Nicolas.  I had a great time catching up with April and Jack was in heaven playing with other kids. 

That night Neil gave us a ring because his wife was out, leaving him with their girl McKayla, and he was in our neighborhood.  Of course we invited him over to watch Frozen and eat pizza with us.  Sam got a tray of spaghetti and he was soooo happy.

After the kids were in bed Amanda came over and we finally watched the second episode of Sherlock from the last season.  Oh man, it was so good.  I'm in love with that show.  This episode was really sharp too.  I can't wait to rewatch it after I finish the season.

Saturday I escaped to Zumba for an hour, then ran errands with the family.  After quiet time we picked up Indian take-out and trekked up to the Arcands house in Conifer.  Erin and Steve are our friends with two kids our age. 

Here's Sam and Henry.

And buddies Nora and Jack. 

Oh my word, these two get along so well.  Every time we get together, Erin and I remark that we need to do it more often.  These two are so well matched for play.  They are absolutely adorable to watch play act with their toys and crack jokes all through dinner. 

In the above they were watching Tangled together.  Right then Nora put her hand to Jack's ear and stage whispered "I love you, Jack."  He turned and smiled "I love you too."  Erin and I about died.

Tomorrow we get to watch Wolfie for a few hours, so the playdates continue!  I'm looking forward to a laid back day since it's General Conference weekend.  Plus Ben said I could sleep in tomorrow - woot!

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