Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Almost Alive

I'm finally feeling better.  I don't have to keep sundry medicines on my nightstand to take as soon as I reach consciousness.  I'm at that recovery stage I call "functional sickness" where you still cough and sneeze and have a sore throat, but the fog in your brain is gone and you could reasonably go back to work without much problem.  I think I finally made it here because Sam's sleep is better.  I made a lot of changes to sleep routines and made it a priority to focus on his sleep health above everything else.  I'm not generally superstitious, but even I will knock on wood after admitting to you that Sam has slept 11+ hours the last three nights in a row.  Absolutely no wakings in between.  Incredible.  Knock knock knock.

So of COURSE Jack wakes up with a cough, sneezing, and a green crusty mustache of boogers.  Sigh.

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